Here be dragons

We've changed our plans a little bit.

During our long, cozy bus ride to Tofino, we had the opportunity to see the road which would lay ahead of us today. My general feeling transitioned somewhere along the lines of "these hills are going to suck, what a way to start" to "hmm, the shoulder disappeared for a bit, that's unfortunate", to "Oh god, we can't do this, we're going to die".

A very scary corner

So, once we arrived in Tofino, we got a room in a motel across the street from the bus depot and I promptly starting looking for ways to get out of our mistake. Thankfully I found one. Instead of slowly spinning our way through such a treacherous passage we are staying in Tofino for the day, giving us time to check out some of the local attractions, and catching the M.V. Frances Barkley Friday afternoon out of Ucluelet back to Port Alberni. We'll still be cycling and leaving from Tofino, just taking a nautical break a little sooner than planned.